Lenticular Filters

ErtelAlsop developed the lenticular depth filter cartridge format in 1942 to meet a particular customer need – an enclosed system design with fast changeout, neither requirement being possible with a filter press. Continuous improvement in product design leads to today’s Pak® filter.

Many filter types are available in the market and each serves a particular need. Depth filters are used in a wide variety of applications when liquid clarification, product cleanliness and cost effective removal of particulates are primary concerns. Commonly, depth filters also serve to protect downstream membrane filters and other equipment.

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  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Materials of Construction
  • Filter Media
  • Filtration Equipment

Product Information

XL Series Micro Media Micro Clear L Series Alpha Aqua KV
Retention Celpure Perlite DE Carbon
15 µm M-053 M-05 M-05L 140 140
10 µm M-103 M-10 M-104 M-10L/M-104L
5.0 µm M-403 M-40 M-404 MC-30/ MC-35*** M-40L/M-404L 160 160
2.5 µm M-453 M-45 M-454 M-45L/M-454L
1.0 µm M-503 M-50 M-504 MC-50/ MC-55*** M-50L/M-504L 175 175
0.8 µm M-503T M-50T M-504T M-50LT/M-504LT
0.45 µm M-703 M-70 M-704 MC-70 M-70L/M-704L
0.3 µm M-853 M-85* M-854 M-85L/M854L
0.25 µm M-953 M-954 M-90L
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Micro Media PDF

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Micro Clear PDF