Resin Bonded Cartridges

Resin Bonded Filter Elements

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  • Nova Filtration’s Resin Bonded elements have a retention rating from .5 to 150 microns
  • Elements are produced with or without a core depending on your application
  • All elements are designed using various glass fiber sizes and controlled gradient densities for various micron ratings, lower replacement cycles, optimum filtration efficiencies and consistent performance
  • Optional outer covers aid in the handling and protects the grooved surface
  • Optional core materials enable a range of up to 100 psid
  • Elements are produced with a grooved surface which offers increased surface area and dirt holding capacity
  • Low differential Pressure & Extended Cartridge life
  • Nova Filtration’s resin bonded cartridges are manufactured in the USA
  • With optional metal cores, temperatures can reach 295°F